Build meaningful and empowering connections with changemakers from around the world!


A community for, by and about being changemakers, supporting each other to make the world a better place. Connect, share, learn and collaborate with other changemakers like you!

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Join a community for, by and about being changemakers, supporting each other to thrive and sustain our mission to make the world a better place.

Like you, we’ve always loved making a difference. Too often this means traveling a path that doesn’t exist yet. It’s hard to know where to start or how to have what it takes to follow through.

Together we can change this.

An accessible and supportive community of changemakers, is an effective way to share ideas and push each other forward on our never-ending quest to achieve our impact for a brighter future.

Connection builds community and sparks new possibilities.

You’ll find:


  • A community of care and trust for, by and about changemakers—it’s all about meaningful connection.
  • Peer-to-peer learning circles—tap into the shared knowledge, feedback and ideas for our challenges.
  • Unique programming tailored to changemakers’ needsto make our work more impactful.
  • A supportive platform taking us beyond our individual networks—at any time, anywhere.
  • A conversation-focused interface—making learning more visible, creative and collaborative.
  • A multimedia experience, real-time conversations and updates—plus interact via email!

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How it works

Community + Circles

‘We’ spaces that enable us to take our conversations deeper, contribute and create. You’ll find mutual support, resources and stories. You’re not in it alone!


Sharing + Learning

Tap a deep well of knowledge, creativity and encouragement. Participate in meaningful conversations with changemakers sharing ideas freely from around the globe and delving deeply around the topics we care about.

Inspiration, Tips + Tools

Sharing resources, stories, brainstorming ideas and sharpening solutions to the challenges we encounter, taking our impact to a next level.


Changemakers Forward offers a platform to connect and support each other.


As an individual who has always been passionate about making a difference, I understand the need to have a supportive, learning community around me.

Carole Khakula


It was really good meeting so many changemakers from different countries, catching glimpses of their challenges, and experiencing the energy they bring to their work. The awareness that friends are sensitive to one’s journey is itself a great booster. The feeling is one of unity, a sense of being strengthened and moved from singleness of purpose to larger dimensions.

Suresh Mathew


Why it works



Integrity, empathy, honesty, mindfulness, balance and community are the values at the center of everything we do.

Care + Connection

We put the emphasis on the changemaker’s needs and facilitate authentic dialogue among changemakers who are enthusiastic about supporting one another.


Where you are!

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the experience is accessible anytime, meaning the learning and sharing never stops!